Ancol Ergo Hedgehog Slicker Brush for Dogs

Ancol Ergo Hedgehog Slicker Brush for Dogs

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Ancol Ergo Hedgehog Slicker Brush for Dogs

Hedgehog Slicker brushes, with anti-slip handle design, are excellent for deep coat grooming. They are designed to combine a combing and brushing action in one tool. The longer bristles remove dirt and grit and the shorter bristles polish the coat.

All Ergo hedgehog brushes have the protective round ball tip as standard to ensure the grooming experience is more comfortable for your dog. 

  • deep coat grooming
  • long bristles remove dirt and shorter bristles polish coat
  • stimulates hair follicles to promote hair health

Grooming strengthens the bond between you and your pet and allows you to check for any basic health issues.