Ancol Ergo Soft Brush for Dogs

Ancol Ergo Soft Brush for Dogs

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Ancol Ergo Soft Brush for Dogs

The ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip. Brushes are used to smooth over the coat, laying down the hair and distributing the natural oils from the base of the coat to the top surface. Bristle brushes are particularly excellent for removing dried dirt and dust from coats. The nylon bristles will gently penetrate the coat and lift out particles of dirt, whilst distributing the natural oils. Sometimes, in the case of medium to long coats, it is a good idea to use a slicker brush to untangle and smooth the hair first.

  • removes dead hair
  • promotes a glossy coat
  • ergonomic handle for comfort

Grooming strengthens the bond between you and your pet and allows you to check for any basic health issues.