JR Pet Products Braided Ostrich

JR Pet Products Braided Ostrich

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JR Pet Products Braided Ostrich Dog Chews

Simply 100% Ostrich Tendon

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Excellent for dental hygiene
  • Extremely Low fat
  • Satisfies the natural chewing instinct
  • Responsibly sourced.

Hypoallergenic and a protein not commonly found in a dog's diet, makes ostrich perfect for dogs with sensitivities. Its naturally rich in nutrients, very high protein and extremely low fat.

Suitable for puppies 12 weeks and over. As with all chews, fresh water should be available at all times and supervision is recommended.

A complementary treat for dogs.


Ostrich Tendon 100%


Crude Protein 98.78%, Crude Fat 0.46%, Ash 0.61%

No additives, no preservatives. NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION

Hounds of Bow comments: each pack contains 5 braids