Lickimat® Playdate Deluxe

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Perfect for Chunky Treats like Mushy Bits of Meat or Fish

Don't feel guilty leaving your pet home alone. Spoil them with a Lickimat®. Ideal for Puppies, Small and Medium Dogs.

HOW TO USE THE LICKIMAT®: Spread your pet's favourite healthy soft treat over mat surface with e.g. back of a spoon or plastic/silicon scraper. Ensure treat is nicely embedded in surface.

TREAT SUGGESTIONS: Canned sardines in spring water (or oil drained from can), cream cheese, natural yoghurt, doggy peanut butter, left over casserole (NO onions), canned pet food, crushed biscuits (soften with water). For professional advice on which human foods are suitable for your pet, please consult your vet.

  • Soothe & Calm your pet through licking
  • Keep pet entertained with tasty treats
  • Enjoy small treats without over feeding
  • Promote fresh breath, healthy teeth & gums
  • Stimulate saliva to aid digestive health
  • Collect all the Lickimats® & your pet will have fun discovering the different textures

WARNING: This is not a chewy toy. Supervise during first uses. Inspect for wear and take away from pet if any piece becomes loose or detached.

LICKIMAT® is a registered trademark of Innovative Pet Products Pty Ltd.

Food Grade TPE Rubber & PP Non-toxic, microwave proof, freezer friendly, dishwasher safe

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Available in: Red/Grey, Turquoise/Grey