Lickimat® Slomo

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Combo Slow Feeder Treat Maker! For loads of lickable fun!

Slows down your pet's eating speed - Double the Fun with Wet & Dry Food - Reduces Anxiety and Boredom

HOW TO USE THE SLOMO: SLOMO is great to reduce anxiety and defeat boredom. Perfect companion for home-alone pets. Two different surfaces, divided information four sections allow different food to be served at the same time.

TREAT SUGGESTIONS: SLOMO allows dry and wet food to be served together. Experiment with you own tasty combinations.

  • Perfect for pets home alone
  • Helps to slow eating and reduce bloat
  • Reduces anxiety and boredom
  • Great for weight and portion control

WARNING: Supervise during first uses. Inspect for wear and take away from pet if any piece becomes loose or detached.

LICKIMAT® is a registered trademark of Innovative Pet Products Pty Ltd.

Food Grade TPE Rubber & PP Non-toxic, microwave proof, freezer friendly, dishwasher safe

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Available in: Turquoise/Grey or Red/Grey