Petlife Flectalon Dog Jacket Camouflage

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Petlife Flectalon Dog Jacket Camouflage

Flecta™ Thermally Insulated Dog Jacket

The unique benefits of Flecta dog jackets:

  • Incorporated between the inner layers of the flecta thermal dog jacket is a layer of Flectalon thermal insulation. Developed from NASA research into aluminised surfaces, Flectalon can reflect up to 95% of radiated heat by using a revolutionary lightweight insulating material specifically designed for its thermal properties - helping to keep your pet warm day and night
  • a flecta thermal jacket is shower proof, so your pet stays drier for longer, but is still machine washable at  40°
  • woven into the straps is a highly visible yarn, designed to reflect any light sources during darkness. This feature is hugely beneficial to responsible dog owners and also offers personal safety for the owner/walker
  • with its thermal insulation, high visibility yarn and easy to adjust straps, a flecta thermal dog jacket is the ideal treat for you and your dog

Made in the UK

Measure from the base of the tail to the collar position.

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